Top Florida Employers Urge Lawmakers to Vote Yes for Competitive Workforce Act Today

Florida Employers

Several of Florida’s leading employers have banded together to form Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce. This 501(c)(4) coalition aims to grow Florida’s economy and to ensure equal opportunities for workers in the state. They are also working to pass the Florida Competitive Workforce Act. This bill will protect the state’s workforce by making Florida more competitive in the national marketplace, while adding protection for transgender and gay employees.

The Competitive Workforce Act is being pushed by many of the state’s leading businesses, including Tech Data Corporation, Disney, and Disney’s Parks and Resorts division. The bill has also been endorsed by several political leaders, including Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Senator Joe Abruzzo.

The Florida Competitive Workforce Act is a modernization of state law that would protect Florida’s workforce by making Florida more competitive in today’s national marketplace. The bill also includes protections for LGBTQ employees, adding lesbians, gays, and transgenders to the list of protected groups. However, it’s unclear what protections these workers would receive.

One of the biggest complaints about Florida’s workplace discrimination laws is that they do not protect employees of the LGBTQ community. The Florida legislature has tried to address this issue, but has come up short. The Florida Legislature has passed laws against discrimination based on age, race, and gender, but has not addressed discrimination based on sexual orientation. Many business leaders have pushed for laws that protect employees of the LGBTQ community, but have come up short.

The most comprehensive anti-discrimination law in Florida is the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which passed in 2006. The Act prohibits discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation in areas such as public accommodations, hiring, firing, and public education. Currently, only 37 counties, municipalities, and school districts in Florida provide fully inclusive protections to their residents.

The Florida Competitive Workforce Act is sponsored by State Representatives Holly Raschein (R-Key Largo) and Joe Saunders (D-Orlando). Senator Joe Abruzzo (D-Wellington) is also sponsoring the bill. The bill’s authors claim that the act will be a great benefit to all Floridians and businesses, and it would benefit 80,000 small business owners.

One of the most significant changes would be the elimination of the Davis-Bacon Act, which prevents employers from paying their employees less than the minimum wage. This would eliminate wasteful spending in federal construction projects, and it would help end favoritism towards union labor. This is a good move for the state’s economy.

The Florida Competitive Workforce Act also proposes other changes, such as the creation of a five-member labor standards board that would have the power to approve higher wages, shorter work hours, and other benefits. The board would also have the power to intervene in areas reserved for labor-management negotiations. The bill also proposes a 40-cent-an-hour minimum wage. The Florida Competitive Workforce Act will be supported by many business leaders, lawmakers, and advocates.

Florida’s top employers are working to pass the Florida Competitive Workforce Act today, in order to help the state’s economy grow. The Florida Business Coalition for a Competitive Workforce has already pledged to offer equal opportunities to all Florida workers. The bipartisan group of lawmakers has also proposed an amendment to Florida’s anti-discrimination laws. The Florida Competitive Workforce Act is the right step for Florida residents and businesses.

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