Buying a Toilet Paper Basket


toilet paper basket

Whether you’re looking to add an extra roll of toilet paper or want a way to keep your bathroom tidy, a toilet paper basket is the perfect solution. It can hide bulky rolls or provide a handy storage spot for more important items like tissues, hand sanitizer, and sanitary wipes. Learn more

Baskets can be made from a variety of materials, and the style you choose can have an impact on how your bathroom looks. If you prefer a rustic, farmhouse decor scheme, for example, a wire basket is a great option.

The best baskets for toilet paper come in different sizes and styles, and they usually have a matching lid that makes them easy to load and unload. For added convenience, look for a toilet paper basket that has a rolling rod so it’s easy to dispense the roll as needed.

Tidy Bathroom Essentials: How to Store Toilet Paper with a Toilet Paper Basket

A toilet paper holder that allows you to dispense the roll over or behind it is often more popular than a basket that dispenses it front-and-back, as it allows you to keep the roll off your floor and out of sight. Some public toilets also use dispensers that release only a small square of toilet paper, which helps prevent patrons from clogging the bathroom with large amounts of toilet paper.

If you’re on the hunt for a minimalist holder that can fit in a small bathroom or linen closet, this freestanding unit from Amazon Basics is a good choice. The brushed nickel finish is neutral enough to match any bathroom decor, and the weighted base keeps it stable when you tug on the roll. It can hold up to five rolls, four in reserve and one dispensing.

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