How Maths IGCSE Tutors Can Help


We have a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced maths IGCSE tutors. Their aim is to help students improve their grades and scores in the subject. They work hard to understand their student’s learning needs and adapt lessons accordingly. They also provide support in developing strategies for exam revision and preparation.

How much is an A * in IGCSE?

They ensure that students are prepared for the different types of questions that can be asked in exams. They use real exam papers to help students get a feel for how long they will have to spend on each topic and also help them to practice effective time management. They encourage their students to ask questions whenever they need help and they make sure that all the necessary information is given to them.

Practicing the various question types that can be asked is vital to helping students perform well in their IGCSE Maths exams. This can be done by doing lots of past papers under exam conditions, either at home or at school. Students should try to answer all of the questions on the paper and be sure to stick to the timings that they are used to in order to familiarize themselves with the time pressures that they will face in an exam.

Many students find it easy to pick up the basics of Maths but struggle with more complicated topics such as algebra and trigonometry. Having the assistance of a qualified maths IGCSE tutor can be very beneficial for these students as they can help to break down complex concepts and explain them in a way that is easier to understand.

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