New Trends in Indoor Playground Equipment


Indoor Playground Equipment Canada

The benefits of children’s indoor play areas are numerous. Not only does it help kids get the recommended amount of physical activity, but it limits exposure to harsh outdoor elements like wind, rain and harmful UV rays. These elements can affect a child’s delicate immune system, so limiting this exposure is critical.

Commercial Playground Equipment is a great addition to any business, but it’s especially useful for places that draw young families. Day-cares, churches and community fitness centers such as YMCAs have found great value in adding an indoor playground.

A new societal trend has also led to an increase in naturalistic elements in indoor playgrounds. This includes rubber rocks and boulders to climb around, plastic caves to crawl through and more. These naturalistic elements add a great touch of fun to the indoor playground while minimizing maintenance.

Indoor Playground Equipment for All Ages: Options for Canadian Family Entertainment Centers

An ultra compact SmartPlay design from Soft Play(r) packs a lot of fun into 3 efficient levels over 16′ tall. This project features a custom treehouse theme, adult accessible EZ Climb, rock course panels & a built in toddler zone to separate play by age. This project from Kunuwanimano Child & Family Services supports 11 Aboriginal First Nations Communities in Northern Ontario.

An efficient space, modern floating decks and a unique double slide make this XLG SmartPlay design stand out amongst the crowd. This project in Vaughan, ON is proof that our slim line designs can be adapted to any space and fit the theme of any building. Its 26 play events include a 3D Puffer fish, Jelly fish & Octopus themed structures as well as a Sprout play sculpture.

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