Passover Programs


A Passover Program is designed to make traveling for the Jewish holiday of Pesach easier for people. It allows people to stay at hotels or resorts that have been specifically cleaned for the week of Pesach and that provide meals that are kosher for Passover.

A good pesach program will also include daily minyanim and shiurim for those who wish to attend them. They will also offer children’s programming, day camp, teen programming and even lectures for adults who want to learn something new during their time away from home. They will also usually have entertainment on chol hamoed with well known performers or musicians.

Some programs will go the extra mile and have Rabbis on the premises who can answer questions and offer support. This makes many travelers feel much more comfortable about eating in restaurants or staying at hotels if they know that there is a Rabbi on the premises to help them with their religious needs.

Passover Programs: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Destination

Often the hotel or resorts where Passover Programs take place are in a location that is beautiful and offers activities like beaches, water sports and golf. Some even have a spa that the guests can enjoy during their visit.

Some travelers choose to do a DIY version of a Passover Program by renting a house or several homes that are close together for extended family and hiring a chef to cook for them. This can be a very expensive option and it is important to select an experienced company that can kasher the kitchen, plan menus and shop for Passover food.

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