What to Look For in Porta Potty Rental Services


Porta potty rental services can come in handy at events. They can be used to mitigate foot traffic and long lines at events and can be an excellent solution to the need for extra bathroom capacity. However, before choosing a rental company, make sure you know what to look for.

Who is responsible for waste management?

Some of the features to look for include solar porta potties, deluxe portable restrooms, and handwashing stations. These amenities vary from company to company. You may also have the option to choose a damage waiver, which covers the cost of repairs or replacements.

While you are looking for a portable restroom, it’s important to make sure it meets the ADA requirements. These regulations vary by state and municipality. Providing handicapped-accessible facilities can save you from a potential guest complaint.

Porta potty rentals are perfect for short-term events. For example, they can be rented for open houses, weddings, construction sites, and more.

When you book a rental, you’ll be given an estimated price. After you accept, you’ll work out the details of the transportation and other fees. If you’re interested in a porta potty, you can call a customer service team to get a free quote.

Before booking, you’ll need to consider the type of event you’re holding. Portable toilets are ideal for short-term events, such as a carnival or open house. It’s also helpful to plan the location and distance to ensure the porta potties won’t obstruct pedestrian traffic.

Many people don’t realize how much space porta potties can take up. Ideally, you’ll want to set them up sideways to minimize the amount of foot traffic. Also, avoid setting them on uneven ground.

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